Professional learning to help educators realize their own potential for positive impact in the classroom, and beyond.


Anne Davies Ph.D.

Working alongside and encouraging people to achieve their goals – by truly making a difference in the lives of learners – has led to Anne Davies’ distinguished and internationally-recognized career in Education Leadership and Assessment.


Anne Davies Ph.D.

Who We Are and the Results of Our Work

Connect2learning, an organization founded by Anne Davies and Stewart Duncan in 1993, has served over 500,000 educators and touched the lives of millions of students in various parts of the globe. The overarching theme behind connect2learning’s work has centered on in-formative assessment. We look forward to being part of your teaching and leading journey.

Dr. Anne Davies, Brenda Augusta, Rita Campitelli, Linda Inglis and the Connect2Learning team have been hosting live events, workshops, seminars, webinars, institutes, symposia, keynotes, strategy sessions, coaching, and more for educators for 30 years.


Transformative change is possible and replicable when educators have access to high-yield strategies, tools, and approaches.

Assessment in the service of learning is a way to:

  • differentiate for all learners, 
  • design instruction based on student needs, 
  • collect reliable and valid evidence of learning, 
  • evaluate and report in a way that is equitable, and
  • further the learning of all students.

Educators need high-level coaching to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of today’s classrooms and access to the latest research-based learning that makes a difference for teacher success and student achievement.

Elementary school students and teacher
Dr. Anne Davies

Anne Davies, Ph.D.

Anne is an acclaimed educator, consultant, author of more than 30 books, and keynote speaker. She embodies our philosophy to honour every individual’s abilities and means of expression, and inspires us with her tireless energy and relentless curiosity.

Brenda Augusta

Brenda Augusta

Brenda has worked supporting teaching and learning for over 30 years as a coach, teacher, consultant, mentor and author. Her deep experience has enabled her to embrace both the structure and opportunities for innovation in education.

Rita Campitelli

Rita Campitelli

The desire to find ways to meet the learning needs of all students and discover ways to enhance and enrich the teaching practice of others has motivated Rita to use her rich teaching experience in the service of others.

Karen Cross

Karen Cross

Karen Cross champions the importance of physical education in our education systems by inspiring and supporting physical educators to embrace their role and seize their opportunity to impact student learning.

Linda Inglis

Linda Inglis

Linda has had many rich and varied experiences as an educator. Her work as a teacher, school principal, district leader, instructional coach and facilitator has focused on student learning and creating strong learning communities for everyone.

John Newkirk

John Newkirk

John has served as a teacher, instructional coach, and district and state leader for more than 30 years. His work has focused on assessment in the service of learning, data-driven instruction, and standards-based instruction, assessment, and grading.

For 30 years, we’ve helped educational professionals LEARN and DESIGN more meaningful and powerful experiences for their colleagues and their students. Our mission is to CREATE positive change through better classroom instruction and assessment.

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Customized Professional Learning Experiences

With many, many years of experience supporting the learning of educators in classrooms and in leadership, Connect2Learning Associates customize for you based on your needs and the needs of your group. Contact us to describe the learning context and goals. One of our experienced Associates will reach out to set up a meeting to design the “just right” learning experience with you.

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